MuxMC Partnership Program

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MuxMC Partnership Program

MuxMC is now looking for enthusiastic and capable content creators to join alongside us here at MuxMC to help make our vision a reality.

Why become a Partner?

- We provide lots of opportunities for our Content Creators to grow their channel (Every MuxMC video is featured in #content-feed, we like to shout out our partner's channels on our Social Media quite often ;) and broadcast/feature giveaways on your channel)
- We provide lots of opportunities for you to engage your audience, we provide the ability for partners to request crates, ranks, among other things, all to giveaway or to create videos such as crate openings.
- Prioritized Support from the MuxMC Staff Team
- You get access to our Partner rank, with which you start off equivalent to King rank, but the longer you’re a partner and supporting MuxMC, the higher your rank equivalent will be!
- You receive free access to all of our current and future non-exclusive tags, in exception to tags that are no longer available (Halloween tags from 2018, etc)
- Access to early information regarding updates, events, changes, features, etc.
- Rock free exclusive MuxMC partnered merchandise when our merchandise store comes to life.
- We provide our Content Creators a way to earn money and to give back to their community, all at the same time, we give Discount codes out to our partners, letting them give it out to their community, and thus, earning a percentage from the total amount of sales with said coupon code, you support us, we support you ;)
- Meet and befriend an awesome community of enthusiastic and capable partners among Staff that all just want to support you!
- And all of the more benefits that have yet to come!

Great! How do I join?

If you have 1,000 subscribers or know someone who does and may be interested, get them to privately message one of our Staff members or redirect them to #staff-assistance in our Discord to make a ticket!

Twitch streamers are under different circumstances, if you are a Twitch Streamer and think you have good standing within MuxMC and have a decent following/viewership, make a ticket in our Discord and let us know!

From there we'll discuss more requirements with partnering with us!


1. What're the requirements to become a partner?

For YouTube, we prefer our partners to have an active following and at least 1,000 subscribers, if you're a Twitch streamer, we prefer if you also have a decent active following and an active channel, Twitch streamers are under different circumstances and thus are a special case, if you think you are capable of becoming a MuxMC Twitch Streamer, please create a ticket in our Discord and let us know.

2. How would I receive the items to give away?

There's a neat little part of Discord nobody else but partners can see! ( #content-creators ) Once you're a partner, you'll be able to just...

Server Info

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Factions at the moment, is in a state, in which every server owner simply want's to milk their community for everything it's worth and then leave. This is a disgusting business model but it has worked for so long since there is simply no consistent server that actually cares about their community and who spends more than 5$ per map on developer work and upgrading the server experience. This very poor business model used by most servers leaves a wide open gap in the market for a good server that is constantly evolving and turning into something that has not happened in the factions community since OpticCraft Map #2, and that's exactly what MuxMC is striving to be.


Yes, this "Factions revolution" or "Factions Rebirth" is used a lot by lazy owners who want to look like they care, but truthfully, simply don't. The factions community will see that this isn't the case with MuxMC. Once everything is finished, changelogs will be finished, and you will be able to physically see all of the changes we have made and you will see that we are truly looking to upgrade the Minecraft faction server experience, rather then renaming outposts, KOTHs, envoys etc and calling them "New Features" (No specific target as it's used so often).

The game is changing, enough with the carelessness, and terrible server owners who just want to make a quick buck.

Factions Is changing, help me start the revolution

- MuxMC (Discord: Sandor#4559)

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