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    RequiredAmount//Hacked Client//

    I have since reduced your ban from 14 days to 7 days. Hope to see you on soon -Cloud9
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    Faderecons Ban apple

    FadeRecon, After further review, I agree, knowing the TPS issues as of late this video can very easily be explained. You will be unbanned momentarily. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. -Cloud9__
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    Ban Appeal

    WallaWallaWalla, I have decided to shorten your ban to 4 days due to your honesty. Hope to see you on in due time, -Cloud9.
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    Buff the value for emeralds!

    Hello! Thank you for the suggestion! in the future if you were to have more ideas/suggestions please use the MuxMC discord. Please use the #Suggestions chat this is to prevent flood in the General Discussion Forum and to keep everything organised. Thanks! Trainee, -Cloud9
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    SliQShotZz Application

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    MuxMC Forums Opening Giveaway

    IGN : Cloud9__ i win ples