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    Denied CorruptedPulse Application

    I agree with corrupted here, you can't just assume someone is plagiarizing just because they used the same format as someone else who got accepted. This format is very well made and makes it easy to read for the reviewer.
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    Accepted Staff Application

    BUMP Reason: Was not replied to within 48 hours of the last message from staff or any players in general.
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    Accepted Staff Application

    I've added details to both questions 15 and 11 on my application.
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    Accepted Staff Application

    1. What is your IGN? My in-game name is: SyrianGod123 2. What is your age? My age is 14 years old. 3. What server are you applying to? I'm applying to the MuxMC Factions wars server. 4. What is your timezone? My timezone is PST. 5. Are you a donator? I'm currently not a donator, but I plan...