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valdemar_rapp: 11 days ago
alacroy can you hav a look att my staff app?

LpmitKev11: 21 days ago
hey alacroy i bought an unban gine on the server gone off an now i wanted to go again on the server and was banned again why???

Auxility: 3 months ago
I don't know why I got band by u just for playing on your sever it ent my fault my bro got band I should not get band just cuz my bro got band

BigBadBuilderMC: 4 months ago
Hey Alacroy :D

Thiaguu: 4 months ago
banned my brother for nothing, thx bro.

3mn: 4 months ago
Hi :D

Basinity: 4 months ago
'ello Alacroy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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So you were muted or warned?

Either way, that's irrelevant, IGNs and chat-delivered messages ARE different, it's not favoritism, it's simply following the rules, not to mention that going against Xezabeth whenever he's not the one who created said rule (I am), for example, the prime example on why we're not SUPER strict on username is because, you could have changed it on your main server, which may or may not be MuxMC, and you can't change it for 30 days, we don't want to take 30 days away from you on Mux, as we love each and every single one of our loyal players.

Now, saying that, that doesn't mean we're always okay with your username, for example in this case, "ChokeOnMyFatC0ck", is extremely inappropriate, anyone can look at that name and pretty much gather what it means, and that it's extremely inappropriate, the problem with this username is as we said, we're not strict, but if the player is not doing the best, or isn't the most sportsmanlike, it may not be worth letting the user stay online with said username, not only for his inappropriate  username, but the way he's representing himself as a player, what Xezabeth did was simply start this chain, you obviously wouldn't be told to change your username straight away, and with the warning is the simply the start of this whole process.

We're essentially allowing bad usernames as long as the player is sportsmanlike and is representing the Community in a well enough name to where it's worth having the player on more than it is taking away 30 days worth of playtime from him, or however long it may be.

These two things are very different and we have different ways of dealing with them.

If a player is being sportsmanlike, and you really just dislike his username, you can use /ignore.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to respond back here, message me in-game or on Discord.

I'd also like to note that Xezabeth has been doing a really kick-ass job and is pretty much our Head-Moderator, don't let this one incident make you think otherwise, he only wants what's best for the Community, and I can guarantee you, his intentions were not to imply favoritism, being biased or having favorites is simply not something we want to do, Xezabeth, or just the whole Staff Team in general.


1 day ago

Player has been dealt with.

Thread locked.

8 days ago

Dealt with, thank you for your report.

Thread locked.

16 days ago