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Cannoning is aids as buggery on the server. Nothing to do with TPS etc. Left shooting is patched... straight shooting causes all sorts of headaches... just use the standard cannoning patches that most servers use because I’ve never had any problems on archon, cosmic, OC etc.

Whilst I’m at it. Power should be left as is. It set rules should apply to base walls and buffers as basinity said. 20 chunks is more than reasonable. 160 walls max. I mean if they’re all obby walls then that’d still be aids. Get rid of Regens because there’s maybe 2 people who can cannon them and with the cannon jar being aids then I’d hate to try at 100 walls into a raid. Because I’m sure that there would be issues. .

mob drops is a good shout, too many random spawners giving fuck all at the moment. 

Now I think about it i agree with basinity on his points.

not so much on factions’ because printer isn’t needed if you have some allies to help you out (even though f perms are broken!)  

The shop needs stuff adding adding to it but I’m sure you know that already.  Ladders, glass etc. 

In general the server is great though. I can’t wait to build a base again

4 months ago

Hi there,

I hear you’re both really busy IRL but can we please get an update on where the investigations are at and whether the bug will be fixed?

I’m left with a base I can’t use, missing 1bn worth of spawners and dubs and dubs of custom enchants. It’s getting to the point where it’s not even worth playing this server anymore because there’s nothing to do.

No point building a base, no point raiding anyone because the server value in pvs  is more than placed right now.. It kind of sucks and whilst I’m sure there’s stuff going on behind the scenes, it doesn’t help the server to not know what’s going on.

4 months ago

I’m not sure if any used the forums any more but the suggestion section on discord disappeared so here goes.

1. Please describe the suggestion in as much detail as possible

please can you Increase the tnt bank limit from 10000 to something more practical like 100000 

2. How would this suggestion help out MuxMC and its future?: most people have like 100+ walls now so 10000 is useless and constantly shopping and fill is just pure aids for big cannons.

3. In-game name?: Buzzzers

cheers if you do read this
4 months ago

This post coming from a player abusing faction buffer limits because of having 100 alts and like 2000 power

If anything alts need nerfing or at least controlling/being monitored
5 months ago

Cheers mate, much appreciated. Bedrock Regens it is then 😑
5 months ago