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Only things I'm going to add in my feedback is
If you're applying for Builder(Which I don't think alac is asking people to apply for) You may want to supply some Screenshots of your builds/works
I honestly have nothing else to say, I'll let a staff tell you what is wrong with your app.

Good luck.
about 1 month ago

What's your IGN? DevSpec

Who are you reporting? evangill

Why are you reporting them? DDOS Threats

Do you have any proof (Video evidence, etc)?
about 1 month ago

What's your IGN? DevSpec

Who are you reporting? XxholysoldierxX

Why are you reporting them? Apparently, he's duping once again, Nor does he care to get banned.

Do you have any proof (Video evidence, etc)? (Just proof he doesn't care)

I also have reason to believe Xizamo has duped IG's/spawners and other duped stuff, Which is why they're getting more ftop bal. As he is in Xizamo. 
about 1 month ago

Hey, DizzyTJ 
There are a few things wrong with your application. 
1. Activity, I have never seen you on since you posted this application. 
2. Lack of Effort, for "Why should we choose you over other applicants?" You didn't give a "(PARAGRAPH+)" If you want to apply for a staff position on a Minecraft server, Put some effort and time into your application otherwise it may or will get denied. For an EX; "is built by ( YOUR ) Builders" no need to capital that.
3. Random capitalization within your sentences and throughout your application. Random capitalization will throw off people when reading, it sucks to read when there are random caps.

All-in-all, If I owned this server or was the staff manager for it, I would DENY (With the ability to re-make an application) your application due to #1 and #2
Activity and Effort is the key to success!
about 1 month ago

What's your IGN? DevSpec

Who are you reporting? DannyDuncon

Why are you reporting them? Threatening to DDOS because he got TP trapped

Do you have any proof (Video evidence, etc)?
He then went on to say "I bet your router would like this" or something like that to me.
about 1 month ago