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I agree to all Devspecs points, but I have two things to add one of them is: Include a bit more details about your previous staff experiences. ''In total, I would say I've been staff on 100 servers AT LEAST.'' On which servers? And why did you resign, or why aren't you staff anymore on those 100servers? The current information isn't that useful for people like Alacroy. I also recommend you fix your grammar and your punctuation. It isn't a big deal but right now the application is looking a bit sloppy. 

Anyways, it is a normal application. I would also deny it, at least in its current state.
2 days ago

It is a decent application, but I would recommend you to use a more formal language.
I would also recommend you give more detail in some sections. As example Do you have any past Staff experience?: you could add in here all your past servers + staff ranks. 

Overall it is a decent, but not an outstanding staff application.  
2 days ago

This application is GREAT!! There is only one real problem, and that is your activity.
I have never seen you online, that could be you just not being talkative in the chat, or me being plain blind.

Anyways I would accept this application, but the decision is not mine.
5 days ago

I would like to see a better hit registration system :_), and also a fixed cannoning jar. 

PS I love the server, keep up the good work!!
5 days ago

It looks like a great staff application, it is spot on.
Good grammar, enough detail

Overall I really think that you would make a good chance to become a member of the staff team :)!!
7 days ago