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IGN (In Game Name): Moofy
Banned or Muted?: Perm IpBanned
Ban/Mute Reason: Lot Of Reason but i can't remember them
Length of Ban/Mute: Perm
Staff who banned/muted you: Alacroy :)
Are you Guilty?: Yes
Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?: I want to be unbanned because I want to play MuxMc again for the season 2. I think I should be unbanned because I was a active player on Mux before I got banned. I know I did a lot of wrong thing but if you give me a chance I can show you I changed. I want to say sorry to all the people that got affected from what I did. The reason of my last ban was just the mute that pissed me off when Reinsure got demoted. I really think you should let Arise come back on Mux because we are the Og Top faction and we want to come play again.

Additional Information: If you want to talk about it on discord Moofy#8743 
about 1 month ago

Make Home in enemy territories delete after 1h so no inside and no glitching in and it give a chance to rebuild the base
about 1 month ago

Lol your french too ! Good job but You should make it little longer :P
about 1 month ago

You were Abusing this glitch and killing people so you ruined their experience on the server and lost new player so I hope u stay banned
2 months ago

2 months ago