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I apologize about my activity recently, this week I have been going to the gym and trying to get on towards the 8pm time, this coming weekend I'll be super active and try my best to assist anyone on the server! :D

Thank you Fallen, for taking the time to read my application.
about 1 month ago

IGN: My current In-game name is Snoozin.

Age? My age as of right now is 16 years old, I will be turning 17 on August 25th.

Are you a donator? EDIT: I have just purchased VIP rank from the store! :D

Discord ID? Snooze#8789

Do you have any past punishments on MuxMC? No I do not, and I don't plan on getting any.

Do you have any past Staff experience?  Yes, I have been staff on multiple servers, including OPCraft, which is a OP/UltraOP faction server. I have also been staff on a server called DeltaCraft, which was also an OPFaction server. OPCraft gets around 300-400 consistent players a day, which as DeltaCraft only held about 40-60 players a day. My point here is that I have a wide range of maturity and involvility, and that I can handle many players at once.

Do you speak more than one language? I am bilingual, meaning I speak 2 languages. My first language is English, and my second is Spanish.

What do you think of MuxMC? I think MuxMC is a really great faction server with a nice and responsible OWNER. He seems to know what he's talking about, and as of right now he's asking people in chat about what they would want in season 2, and I think that's pretty cool for an OWNER to do those types of things, overall MuxMC is a great server and I see a bunch of potential in the near future.

Why do you want to become Staff? (PARAGRAPH+) To help make the server a better community for newer players, and showing players around the server, while controlling large crowds, handling impatient players, and being active everyday possible. I can easily handle large groups of people as I have had experience as an Admin / Moderator of a server. I am very patient when it comes to pesky players that like to disobey or not come to an agreement with another player. I have been playing Minecraft for a few years now, and love it. I know almost all basic / intermediate commands of what an Admin should have. I also love to share my knowledge on other things whenever needed.

Why should we choose you over other applicants? (PARAGRAPH+)  I am committed and focused and try my best in whatever I do, I never try to give in to something. I also have a driven mind which makes me hard-working and ambitious, Once I set my goal to something I will stop at nothing to motivate myself to achieve it and once I do I excel. I am also aware of all the duties and responsibilities that come along as I have observed and looked closely from previous/current staff members and have learnt from their ways. I am not afraid of failure as I think this a key factor of the experimental process that gets you to success. I also have great a self-esteem and confidence in myself which makes me willing to accept and relish challenges. I never try to let anything get to me as I have developed a thick skin which allows me just to ignore negative messages and not take it to heart or drag me down, I try to stay positive no matter what the situation is.

What do you consider your greatest strength? I consider my greatest strength to be the way I can easily approach any situation, I know how to quickly deescalate a scuffle between two players, and/or calm people down if they are spamming, being racist, or just swearing in general.

What do you consider your greatest weakness? I consider my greatest weakness to be that I can sometimes breakdown, if multiple things are happening at once I just get confused and forget what the other person wanted, then that will end up making that person mad etc.

What is your timezone? I currently reside in the United States, with the timezone of EST.

Please provide a BRIEF description of yourself My name is Tyler Hockenberry, im 16 and I live in Pennsylvania. I enjoy hanging out with my family / friends. When I was growing up I didn't have much, I had one of those sketch boards, where you shake it and the drawing disappears, that was my childhood enjoyment, I am very grateful what my family has given me recently, and hopefully I can spread that positivity around the server.

Do you have anything else you would like to tell us? I think this server is awesome! :D Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
about 1 month ago