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Oh And I Can Record Too :) And I Stream :)
19 days ago

IGN: (In-Game Name) Super_Chongas

Age? 14

Are you a donator? VIP

Discord ID? KenKanekiGhoul#4447

Do you have any past punishments on MuxMC? Nope

Do you have any past Staff experience? A little

Do you speak more than one language? no

What do you think of MuxMC? a good server that needs some help and that has a great community. :)

Why do you want to become Staff? (PARAGRAPH+) well i never been staff on a server sept for mine so i just really wanna be a staff member on a server you know? and i just really love helping people

Why should we choose you over other applicants? (PARAGRAPH+) well im unique, patient and i love helping people :) and i would like to help this server out my friend invited me to join and i said sure and yeah i love the community and i love the players and staff! and i just would love to be a staff for the first time for me and yeah i just would love to help 

What do you consider your greatest strength? hmm i dont really know to be honest 

What do you consider your greatest weakness? someone threating my family like killing them etc i would like to try and defend myself

What is your timezone? USA Pacific oregon 

Please provide a BRIEF description of yourself Im Kind Im Nice Im Funny I love To Joke Around With People And Have  Fun!

Do you have anything else you would like to tell us Nope Thats All<3
19 days ago