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The Reason why you were banned ( re-banned due to error first time ) was because we found illegal modifications during a ScreenShare such as, 

- And further blacklisted modifications that change the way you play your game

Essentially, you are at an advantage over other players who do not use these modification.
THIS is the reason why you are banned. ( Not due to the optifine file situation )

Yours, Joey ( Bikings, Moderator @ MucMC )
4 days ago

Hello Panda7667,

Thank you for demonstrating your love for the server and intentions of becoming staff, however, please follow this thread and make sure you read it carefully.
This thread will show you how to format your application for a staff position and the requirements necessary. 
Good luck in applying and have a good day,

-Bikings, Or Joey ( Trial Mod on MuxMC )
9 days ago


Thank you so much for the feedback on the application, it will be happily received and put into action straightaway, therefore to hopefully prove I am worthy to you and the fellow Staff Team, I agree applying at this point of time seemed a bit too soon to be applying and I agree more time should of been to settle in and naturally grow within the Community. Therefore I will continue enjoying my time on Mux and hopefully see what the future holds for you and me, and the rest of the Mux Community,
Thank you so much for the feedback,
Hoping for the best and a return to this topic,
~Varouc, or Joey
about 1 month ago


Thank you so much for the feedback man! Means a lot to hear such nice, supportive comments being made about me. And I agree with your comments about the usefullness of multiple languages, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time on Mux and hope you have a great day.

~Varouc, or Joey 
about 1 month ago


Hey, thank you so much for the feedback as I do really appreciate it! Means a lot to hear from other players about what they think and the topic at issue. I wish you the very best with your application during the "decision" stage and for the future that lies ahead of you on MuxMC
Thanks for the support,

~Varouc, or Joey
about 1 month ago