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He wasnt the most toxic player, i was :D
about 1 month ago

IGN (In Game Name):WizY_PvP

Banned or Muted?:Banned

Ban/Mute Reason: Uh ¨Cheating¨ but it was because i was spamming chat

Length of Ban/Mute: Perma

Staff who banned/muted you: Jonbar101

Are you Guilty?: Yes i am

Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?: I should be unbanned because i miss the server, by far the best OPFaction ive ever seen, i didn't find any other good server. The reason i was mad is because our base wasn't discover legitely...
about 1 month ago

What's your IGN?
Who are you reporting?

Why are you reporting them?

Do you have any proof (Video evidence, etc)?
3 months ago

and i aint taking my time to do a apeal about a false ban
3 months ago

i wont use any format for a stupid ass mod abusing i said ¨oh yeah ill ceggs glitch your base¨ and after i said oh sarcasm isnt allowed on the serv¨ cuz reinsure is creating rule lol 
3 months ago