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IGN: gozur69


Are you a donator? :No,i am planning to be a donator

Discord ID?:gozur#1541

Do you have any past punishments on MuxMC?:no

Do you have any past Staff experience?:Yes i had server before

Do you speak more than one language?:Yes,english and greek and a little dutch

What do you think of MuxMC?i think is a great server to play on it.They have so good staff and also is not overpower with someones balanced server

Why do you want to become Staff? (PARAGRAPH+)
I want to become staff on MuxMC Due to the fact that there are many people who are always asking for support, I want to be apart of the great staff team who keeps MuxMC Clean. Also, I see loads of toxic players and that makes me sad so I have set a goal to make those players supportive Players of the community. Also where I play a lot there are not many staff members I have seen a few when I was online There may be more. But There are not many when I am online so I want to be able to support players while they are playing and make there experience on the server even better than it is now. Also, there are hackers my aim is to clean as many Hackers as possible and make all the players who play fairly have a better time on the server and more enjoyable. Also, I want to be able to help the staff with the high demand of support the players need so I want to be able to Help and release some of the pressure on the staff team. There is also a high demand on staff to get jobs done for players and that can not always be achieved I want to be able to give the players the extra support they need. I Also want to be apart of the staff team to put my skills and knowledge of being a staff member into such a great server and great staff team. I have quite broad knowledge on how to staff on high player based servers along with players that put pressure on staff. I respond pretty quickly too so I don't make them wait too long, which could cause them to get impatient and disconnect. There is also the fact I am able to help out other players who may need it and make sure they have a great stay on the server and make sure they are comfortable in the community.​

Why should we choose you over other applicants? (PARAGRAPH+)
Due to my previous knowledge about this specific game and my knowledge on how to run bigger communities, I do know how it all works and I know how the players wish a server to function. I also Believe I am a trustworthy person This can help me as higher staff are able to task me with jobs if they are overloaded with other things. Also, I follow through with all the support I give no matter what their background is I will always help them out to 100% of my ability no one should be treated differently as I would not like that to happen to me. Respect is a big thing in the community to earn as you are seen as the face of the server and a role model if you are not respectful and mabey a little biased then others will start to do the same. If as a staff member you do not follow the rules the players will follow suit and no matter what you always punish accordingly. If my friend was to ever join and start to spam I would follow the guide and punish them to show no matter who they are they are not above the rules and I think this is a big thing to consider in a staff member that they will not be biased to anyone. Also, that they give everyone 100% of there support no matter who they are or what they did 

Things to look for in a staff member: 

Maturity is a thing all staff needs as they need to hold a high level of professionalism and ability to help all player no matter what the situation is.
All staff need to be responsive and active and I am very responsive and active I am able to help out on discord no matter what the time of day is I am always contactable.
The experience I believe is something all staff need as the layers need quick and helpful support and I believe strongly I have the Experience every staff should have 
I believe I am kind towards others and I am considerate towards others and I love helping people out 
Patience is vital with the community as players may be shy or struggle to speak I will always allow the players the time they need to tell me there issues no matter what I will never rush anyone​

What do you consider your greatest strength?
My greatest strength i think is to detected the hackers and catch them.And sure with proof
What do you consider your greatest weakness?
i think my greatest weakness if someone player is spamming on me

What is your timezone?

Please provide a BRIEF description of yourself
i am 17 years old living on greece i got high end pc and also i know a little java script so might be help

Do you have anything else you would like to tell us?i am active person with servers that i love to playing on them
20 days ago