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Nov 22, 2018
The following rules were designed to keep the server as balanced and playable as possible, if there is a concern or questions that you have regarding any of the following rules please contact a Senior Staff member for further instruction.

General Rules

1. No Hacked Clients, Hacking, or Macros
The use of clients, resource packs, macros etc that modify your gaming experience in any way that would give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the playerbase (including using multiple mice, double clicking, triple clicking, using afk alts for raid detection.) Note: Editing / deleting logs and or history is not permitted and will result in a ban within the full network.

You are also not allowed to team with players that may be using modifications to their clients if you are deemed teaming with a hacker or somebody who has blacklisted modifications with the knowledge of their hacks or blacklisted modifications, an investigation will be due and the proper punishments will apply to all parties.

1st Offense: 7 Day Ban
2nd Offense: 15 Day Ban
3rd Offense: 30 Day Ban
4th Offense: Seasonal Ban (30 - 90 days)
5th Offense: Permanent ban
6th Offense: Permanent ban without the ability to buy an unban.

2. Respect all users
We strive for MuxMC to be a friendly environment available to anyone, without worry of somebody ruining the immersion and experience of MuxMC, generally toxicity and rudeness ruin immersion for other players, and especially in severity, the following things are just a list of some of the most important (but not all) general disrespectful things you can do to a user, that you want to avoid:

1. Discriminate against another user.
2. Be racist towards another user.
3. Trying to make a user feel inferior towards you, and trying to make you seem superior.
4. Be toxic (there's a fine line between toxicity and banter, try not to cross it)
5. Do not impersonate other users or Staff (#StaffAreUsersToo)
6. Do not hackusate
7. Threaten another user
8. Attack another user verbally (It's Factions, physically is fine ;) )

This is just 8 of a long, long list of things you can do to make a user feel uncomfortable.

Generally, use common sense.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning (unless it’s excessive)
2nd Offense: 6 hour mute
3rd Offense: 1-4 day Mute
4th Offense: Permanent Mute

3. Undermining the Spirit of the Game
If you participate in any activities that are deemed to undermine the spirit of the game ( this can include but is not limited to OP Cannons (That can obliterate multiple walls per button press)), crash the server, cause significant lag, undermining events, anything that is implied or understood as unintended game/play exploits, or just overall the spirit of the game of how the game was intended.

Punishment will be at the discretion of the upper staff.
4. In Real Life Money Trading, Scamming / Chargebacks
In Real Life money scamming in which someone promises to purchase an item off of the server store in return for in-game favors will result in a Ban.
Scamming someone out of IRL Money is a permanent ban.

Purchasing ranks for another player other than yourself or in a trade for items in the game is not permitted. Players who agree to this type of behavior are putting themselves at risk.

Chargebacks that happen in a result of this trading will result in your account and all affiliated accounts being removed from the server / IP Ban.

5. Advertising
You may not advertise in any shape or form that may encourage players to join other servers, buy products/anything with in-real-life money that isn't tied towards the MuxMC Webstore ( or may encourage players to leave MuxMC for whatever reason, you may mention other servers' names in chat as that is not encouraging other players to join said servers, but instead, partake in a friendly chat regarding said server.

6. Do not riot
Rioting is defined as "a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd", this applies in-game, if you want to suggest something or fight a change, please use constructive criticism within the proper channels (suggestions on this very forum or #suggestions on our Discord), you have the right to peacefully protest a change, but being vocally violent about it will lead to nowhere but getting all parties involved in trouble.

7. Screensharing
You may not refuse a screenshare from a Staff member, if you do not have Discord, you must download either Discord or a program / use a website that provides a similar feature to share your screen so a Staff member may inspect your Minecraft files and anything else a MuxMC Staff member might deem necessary to find a blacklisted modification.

Staff will not call for a screenshare without reason, you have a right to know why you're being asked to screenshare, and a right to refuse to download any files they may you want to.

8. Compromised Accounts
If you are playing on a compromised account, MuxMC is not responsible for whatever happens to said account, if you randomly lose access, we will not transfer items, ranks, among other things to your new account, we do not condone the use of using compromised accounts and fully support using a legitimate Mojang-verified (purchased) account.

9. Punishment Evading
You may not try to avoid a punishment (mute, ban, etc) by finding alternate ways to send messages, if in case of a mute, signs, mail, etc, if in case of a ban, you may not log onto alts or any other possible way that could give you access to our server, if you are found guilty of evading a punishment, your punishment will be extended without ability to appeal.

10. Filter Bypass
You may not try to bypass the filter, it is there for a reason, we strive to make MuxMC a friendly environment for all, and don't want anyone to be uncomfortable, for this reason, we've put in a swear filter.

11. 20 Chunk Buffer Limit
Factions are allowed a maximum of 20 chunks buffering there base. A 20 chunk buffer equates to 160 genned walls or 320 blocks.

The buffer is measured from the exterior wall of your base and does NOT include the base itself.

If a faction has a buffer that exceeds 20 chunks are punishable by (but is not limited to):
/f unclaim

Punishment will be at the discretion of the upper staff.

12. Glitches and Exploits
Abusing / Using a glitch or exploit within the game to provide yourself, your faction or others with an advantage will result in a ban from the server.

Examples (There are more):

Enderpearl Glitching
Lava / Water Glitching
Item Duplication
Evading Mute
Border Bouncing

1st Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban (only applies towards Evading Mute & Border Bouncing)
2nd Offense: 7 Day Temp Ban (only applies towards Lava / Water Glitching & Enderpearl Glitching)
3rd Offense: 30 Day Temp Ban (only applies towards excessive use of Lava/Water Glitching, Enderpearl Glitching, and Item Duplication)
4th Offense: Permanent Ban (applies to excessive use of all)

13. Insiding
A faction is viewed as a team and together as a team, you should be working towards a common goal.
When a player/players add spawners to a base or faction claims they are adding into a faction “pool”. Those spawners are now no longer considered theirs and are then determined to be the factions and not a player specifically.

Players may only remove spawners with an okay from a Leader and or Co-Leader.

Players may not purposefully or maliciously undermine the faction (this includes but is not limited to):
Removing Spawners
Sabotaging faction claims or defenses
Allowing themselves to be killed (to become overclaimable)

Examples of Betrayal that are NOT considered insiding:
Discussion faction schedules
Undermining raids
Sharing information that could be gained from proper monitoring of enemies

1st Offense: Permanent Ban

14. Auto Cannoning
Auto Cannoning is a bannable offense. It undermines the spirit of the game and player interaction/involvement.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning and removal of Cannon / Fixing property damaged by Cannon
2nd Offense: 7 Day Temp Ban
3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

15. TP/TPA Killing , Portal Trapping, and Traps
TP/TPA Killing and Traps that remove the player's ability to /spawn or /home will result in removal from the server without warning. Examples of bannable traps are those that would make it so if the trapper logged off it would make it so the player would be stuck in there indefinitely.

1st Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban
2nd Offense: 5 Day Temp Ban
3rd Offense: Season Ban

16. Spam
Repeating the same phrases, flooding the chat, repeat or random characters (such as in making designs), writing a collection of letters for the purposes of annoying others are all examples of spam as it pertains to this rule.

Note: starting hashtags is seen as spam as it coaxes players to start spamming / rioting and purposefully causing spawn may result in an immediate warn/mute/kick without a verbal warning.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Formal Warning
3rd Offense: Temp Mute up to 60 Minutes
4th Offense: 1 Day Temp Ban

17. Baiting
Baiting is the action of purposely egging on or trying to get someone punished, this isn't okay and both parties will be punished if this is done.

18. DDoS/Dox/Denial of Digital Service
While this shouldn't have to be said and should fall under "common sense", you are not allowed to threaten, or attack/compromise other systems on the Network or the Network itself via what's known as a "DDoS"
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Nov 22, 2018
Faction Rules

1. You may not inside (as explained above)
2. Your faction is only entitled to a 20 chunk buffer limit (as explained above)
3. Regen walls are not allowed.
4. Factions are limited to one corner & two allies.
5. The faction member limit is 75 (alts included)
6. You may not create alt factions to gain more F Top spots or store/house alts.
7. You may not mine your spawners while being raided.
8. Raid Detectors of any kind are not allowed.
9. Gap Bases are not allowed.
10. You are only allowed to merge factions within the first half of a season.
11. B*tch claiming is not allowed during Grace (a claim that can prevent other factions growth) - If you b*tch claim after grace, you must remove your b*tch claim after two days.
12. You may not hide or obstruct your spawners in a way that may prevent factions that are raiding you, (genning, watering, placing blocks around it, etc) to obtain your spawners.
13. Allies may not help you with raiding, but they may help you in defending from a raid.
14. If your main base is close to another main base of another faction, you must leave 30 chunks between your bases for raid claims.
15. You must have all of your spawners placed on the last week of the map and every day before, and the day of, a payout, with 90% of your spawners being placed in a section of your main base, which your main base will be decided by /f home.
16. You may not store money with intention of buying Spawners last second of the map and placing them, this is in-fact, equivalent to hiding your spawners, and will get you disqualified, you may hold money, but not with the intent of buying spawners, if you have the intent of buying spawners with said money, you must spend it ASAP, this all applies to the last week of a Season.
17. You may not give other Factions wealth, this will result in severe punishment.
18. You may not gen or printer patch, you may gen patch after 15 minutes of the last cannon shot being shot at your base.
19. Breadcrumbs aren't allowed.
20. Raid claims can only be as large as the base they are raiding.
21. Factions are limited to 2 anti-raid claims (which are limited to countercannons on the side)
22. You are limited to two active non-raided bases, with which one may be a vault and your main base (read rule 15)

Cannoning Rules

1. Auto's are not allowed (including sand comps UNLESS under Y10) - as explained above.
2. You are only limited to one cannon per raid and one cannon box, with which has a limit of 20 walls
3. Cobble monsters are bannable.
4. Wall removers are not allowed.
5. Leeches on raids can result in consequences.
6. No left or right shooting.
7. Max cannon speed is 2 seconds per shot.
8. No Roof Cannons
9. No 2wall1shots
10. Max speed for 1stackers is 1 second.

Punishments for breaking the rules listed above will be at the discretion of Staff and fluctuate depending on the severity of said rule being broken - but may follow the general pattern of:

- Faction Strike (1 - 2 Strikes)
- Lose % of F Top Value (via Spawner) (3-4 Strikes)
- F Unclaim (5 Strikes)
- F Disband (6 Strikes)

Ultimately, use common sense, you obviously cannot spread personal information regarding another player, post inappropriate links, attempt to bypass the filter or treat others in a manner that could be considered offensive or threatening.

MuxMC Staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without warning, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the in-game rules, but please note it is very unlikely that we do not announce a very major change to our rules that could result in players being banned, we try to cater and care for all of our players and would never change the rules in a way that could ban any user, without warning first.

MuxMC also reserve the right to take punishment against any account, at any time, without reason, by playing you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, including this condition that we uphold (to take punishment against your account if deemed necessary), but will always try to give our reasoning and explain why we may have taken action against your account.

Please adhere and follow these rules to avoid the warmongering ban-hammer waving MuxMC Staff.
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