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  1. Arcana

    Trainee Application - wArcana

    Made an edit.
  2. Arcana


    Needs to fixed, agreed.
  3. Arcana

    ShanNaeNae's Builder Application

    Great builds. Good luck with it!
  4. Arcana

    Trainee Application - wArcana

    1. What is your IGN? wArcana - played on Vazeh before. 2. What is your age? 15 years of age. Turning 16, 04/11. 3. What is your timezone? CET - UTC +1 4. Are you a donator? Yes, I bought a Knight rank + /fix command. 4. What is your Discord ID? Arcana#6179 5. How many hours a day can you...
  5. Arcana

    My Staff Letter

    Add more details. Can't really tell if this is a joke or? -1
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    Guide | Making a Quality Staff Application

    Will be useful!
  7. Arcana

    Staff Application - KanezYT

    Lacks details, take some time and add some more. -1