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  1. Spencer5949

    Staff apps

  2. Spencer5949

    Porkinho2007´s application

    Accepted, welcome to the team!
  3. Spencer5949

    CarnifexPlays Ban Appeal

    Thank you for reaching out to us, CarnifexPlays. Your appeal has been denied. Evidence: Here. Re-appeal later for a possible reduction. -Spencer5949
  4. Spencer5949

    Kareneric's Staff Application

    Great start, but it definitely needs more information and I suggest checking for grammar mistakes before you post your next one if you decide to. -Spencer5949 Discord: Spencer5949#6603
  5. Spencer5949

    Guide | Making a Quality Staff Application

    Great guide, now hopefully we get some better staff applications so we can get some more staff!!
  6. Spencer5949

    MuxMC Forums Opening Giveaway

    IGN: Spencer5949 I like the new forums