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  1. Alacroy

    CarnifexPlays' Staff Application

    Hey CarnifexPlays, I don't typically respond to applications as much anymore, so you've done something right, whether within your application, or you as a player to attract me here and actually want to respond, so bravo. First, I'll start this off with a message towards you as a player...
  2. Alacroy

    AviRules3003 - Ban Appeal

    Hey Avi, Personally, I think you didn't mean to harm the server more than a joke, truthfully I think if you were wanting to harm the server you would have spammed much, much, much more and for a much longer time, but I also don't think you were trying to emphasize on a point, I think you're...
  3. Alacroy

    Redballonz apeal

    @SliQShotZz Strange since he's already been unbanned.
  4. Alacroy

    SliQShotZz Awesome Apeal

    Needs way more info.
  5. Alacroy

    MuxMC General Network Rules | In-Game

    Faction Rules 1. You may not inside 2. Your faction is only entitled to a 20 chunk buffer limit (as explained above) 3. Regen walls are not allowed. 4. Factions are limited to one corner & two allies. 5. The faction member limit is 75 (alts included) 6. You may not create alt factions to gain...
  6. Alacroy

    MuxMC Forums Opening Giveaway

    MuxMC Forums Opening Giveaway Thank you to everyone who's signed up to our forums and are passionately waiting for MuxMC to open! Make sure to read information regarding our Forums (our rules, previous server announcements, etc) these are very important! We will be giving away 1x Mythic Kit...
  7. Alacroy

    Server Information | Who we are, our mission statement.

    First, before I get into this, I'd like to introduce myself and the other person who'll be helping lead this project, Sandor, our Developer, I'd like to talk in general about our goals for MuxMC, who we are, and our past experience. Sandor and I have two very different jobs, but both tie...
  8. Alacroy

    MuxMC General Network Rules | Forums

    Intentions: The following rules were designed to keep the Forums as safe and friendly as possible to all users, please adhere by them to protect yourself and others around you from being punished or removed from the Forums, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the following rules...
  9. Alacroy

    MuxMC General Network Rules | In-Game

    Staff members use judgement to determine if a rule was intentionally violated. They will consider the severity of the offense and punishment history when deciding the length of the punishment. If you feel that the duration of your punishment is unfair, please contact the staff member who issued...
  10. Alacroy

    MuxMC Partnership Program

    MuxMC Partnership Program MuxMC is now looking for enthusiastic and capable content creators to join alongside us here at MuxMC to help make our vision a reality. Why become a Partner? - We provide lots of opportunities for our Content Creators to grow their channel (Every MuxMC video is...
  11. Alacroy

    Staff Application Format

    Welcome to the MuxMC Staff Application Format, first off, I'd like to thank you for wanting to apply and say that I'm that you've enjoyed your experience on MuxMC so much that you want to give back to not only the Community but to also improve the server and its future as a whole. There are a...
  12. Alacroy

    Builder Application Format

    What is your IGN?: What is your age?: What is your Discord?: Do you have a portfolio?: Do you have any past Builder-experience or have you worked on a Build Team before?: If you do not have a portfolio, please submit screenshots and proof of your builds below the questions in your...