Builder Application - By DizzyTJ

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Mar 9, 2019
What is your IGN?: DizzyTJ

What is your age?: 16

What is your Discord?: DizzyTJ#3479

Do you have a portfolio?: Yes, I do. Here it is:
- 27 [KitPVP Prototype built in my build world]
- 19 [Skyblock for Longshot]
- 18 [Prototype built in my build world]
- 13 [Prototype built in my build world]
- 15 [This is a MMO map me and the build team I lead work on currently, map made customly with world painter]
- 14 [This is the spawn of a faction spawn that is going to be used officially so I cant post much more than this.]

Do you have any past Builder-experience or have you worked on a Build Team before?: Yes, In fact I do. As of right now, I work on a server called Longshot which has a big potential to become one of the best servers out there. I work on there as a full time builder and I have no intentions to quit anytime soon. Regarding a build team, I do have alot to share. I actually lead a build team. The team is currently consisting of 6 builders including me. We are currently working on a MMO map which can be seen in the portfolio that I've posted above. I take building very seriously and hope to work on MuxMC some time soon.

*I'm going to add some of my own questions which might contain useful information*

Do I use World Edit or Voxel:
I master the art of World Edit and Voxel. I usually do alot of terrain using World Edit and I prefer it overall. You can see some of my terrain work in the screenshots above

Describe my building speciality:
I would say that i am best at terraforming, detailing, overall making it appealing to the eye. I want my builds to satisfy the user’s experience to the maximum. I’m also good at making custom terrain, buildings and nature parts (rivers, trees, rocks, clouds, caves, etc.), any many more. If there’s anything else, im opened to building new things.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!
Not open for further replies.