Griphin's staff application.

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Apr 12, 2019
1. What is your IGN? Griphin

2. What is your age? 14

3. What is your timezone? EST

4. Are you a donator? Yes

5. What is your Discord ID?Griphin#1916

5. How many hours a day can you dedicate to MuxMC on average? My schedule is mixed it depends on what day it is.
Monday 2-3 Hours
Tuesday 1-2 Hours
Wednesday 30 Minutes
Thursday 3-4 Hours
Friday 1 Hour
Saturday 5-6 Hours
Sunday 5-7 Hours

6. Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? I speak English and I can speak some Spanish.

7. How long have you played MuxMC? Just coming close to 1 year.

8. What do you think of MuxMC? I think MuxMC is a great factions server to play I like the custom plugins and the community is great! Also, I like the staff assistance and how helpful the staff is on the Mux kingdom. In my opinion, Mux is a great server to start playing factions on if you are new to factions I also like the events that happen on the server like the farm outpost and the Koth's. So overall the server is a 10/10 in my book. ( :

9. Why do you want to be Staff on MuxMC? I like to help other players learn the server and I like to give players the fair advantage against the other players (Meaning Hackers) I love to do events if I have permission from a higher staff member. I also can help the chat I like to stop toxicity at its finest I'm always reading chat and watching other players and what they say. If needed I will ban a player if he is breaking the rules I will give them a fair ban it depends on what rule they broke and what strike they are on.

10. Why should we choose you over other applicants? I am an easygoing staff member I am not toxic or mean I am nice to the players I meet. I don't like to apply for staff for the permissions I only care for what is best for the other players of the server.

11. Do you have any past Staff (or similar) experience on or off MC? I owned my own server for a year until I had to shut it down after the payout. I was also staff on Drillpvp it is an HCF server that is still up too 4/11/19 It was the first server I was staff on. I also know most of the commands of certain plugins but I like to learn new commands so I could use the commands if needed for something.

12. Have you ever been punished, no matter how small, on MuxMC? I have never been punished on MuxMc I have never been muted but I think I have been warned once I don't like to break the rules.

13. What do you consider your greatest strength (Feel free to list more than one)? My greatest strength is probably empathy on other players I can feel other players need if I have to I will help a player if they need help with getting started.

14. What do you consider your greatest weakness (Feel free to list more than one)? My greatest weakness is probably being under pressure I do not like to be under pressure I sometimes get nervous under pressure but I can get it done.

15. Do you have a Staff member who could potentially vouch for you? (Not required) Maybe Reqult,Jonbar101,CeilingLight

16. Describe yourself to us in a brief summary. I know myself very well as said earlier I am easygoing I am also very helpful I don't have a problem helping anybody if they need help.

17. Is there anything else you would like us to know? If I am accepted I will always be the best staff possible.
Feb 24, 2019
Hey, Griphin

Your application is really good but I feel like it could use a lot more detail on 90% of the questions. Remember to explain questions as in-depth as possible. I recommend using this guide our mod Melvard created which will show you what to include in your application.

Discord: NoHaxOnlyPotatos#2256
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