How to create a Raid-Proof faction base: Guide from Iron_Kevin :)

Apr 28, 2019
The netherlands.
I'm going to give 9 tips to have a raid-proof faction.

1. Claim your base as far away from everyone else as you can. Usually, when I am looking for a place to build, I walk at least 2000 blocks away from the nearest other base or spawn. This keeps your faction base secret, hard to find, and near abundant resources. If you have to raid another faction, just use the /spawn command to get out of your base.

2. Never accept TP requests from anyone outside your faction. Nobody should know how to find you. It's pretty easy for someone to say, "Hey bro, I'll trade diamonds for wood. Can I tp to you?" and set home in the faction base so that he can return and raid later. If you must interact with someone, warp to somewhere else to trade - and bring a sword just in case!

3. Don't build ANYTHING with wood! I learned this the hard way. I think you know why. But, you say, cobble is darn ugly! There are many alternatives to cobble, like stone bricks, obsidian (build carefully!), and smelted stone. My personal favorite is leaves. They don't burn, are attractive, and are very easy to harvest - just wander around the rainforest with shears! Plus, they make great camo.

4. Or you can get creative with your base. A method that often works is to build some houses above ground, claim, then TNT above ground here and there so that it looks griefed. Then make your real base nearby and far underground. It helps to hide your base pretty good. Try to think of other ways to fool people.

5. To prevent xrayers, make a room lined with gold ore blocks (not smelted yet) because gold is pretty useless - no xrayer wants gold when they can have diamonds instead - and put your chests inside. It works great!

6. Don't invite just anyone to your faction. Some people will beg to join, then steal all your stuff and grief when they do join - then leave and move on to the next faction. If you are considering inviting someone to join, make sure they don't have a bad reputation. If you notice other people complaining that the person griefed or stole, don't invite him. Insiding is not allowed so make sure that you have evidence.

7. Put a penalty for dying in your faction. Example: If you die, you must give the owner a diamond_block. This may sound harsh, but it all works better in the end because you won't have a bunch of annoying people eating up your power (and you get rich!).

8. If you want to get trust and money, regularly ask each member to pay his or her dues - example: membership costs 10k per day or something like that, and if you don't pay up for a week, you get kicked. So in case of emergency and someone steals your diamonds, you have insurance - a nice supply of cash to buy new stuff!

9. Finally, be overall nice. Don't invite raiders. You can raid and steal from other factions if you must, but don't say things like "My faction is the best! You will never find my base! Your base sucks!". The best faction is the stealthy one.

I hope that this guide helps you :)