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Apr 12, 2019



Donator:Sadly no but I have thought about it since I love the server!

Discord ID:KyleBur#1699

How many hours can you dedicate a week: I can dedicate around 30hours a week!

Are you multilingual:Yes I am! I can speak English and Welsh fluently also quite a bit of French and some Spanish and Mandarin/Chinese!

How long have you played MuxMC: I haven't played Mux long to tell you the truth but from what I've seen It's a great community and I just want to help!

What do you think of MuxMC: I think alot of Mux I think firstly it is a really nice factions server with the Envoys, adn the KoTHs and everything about it is just a warm feeling and I feel like I would like to fulfil that and keep Mux going with the no hackers and the good reputation.

Why do you want to be staff:
I think you should accept me because I have so much experience with staffing! I was staff on 'Exotic PvP' where I was Head Admin therefor I was high and well known in the community my reason for leaving was none the server unfortunately shut down after working with a good community of people.
I was also run my own server that goes by the name of 'Hydron PvP' It's a custom coded server coded by myself, It's a HCF duping server with lots of plugins (60+) It's an amazing community of staff and I provide good experience for my staff as well as players and I aspire to get Admin or Head Admin eventually on this server so that I can also help other and a lot more staff!
I was staff on Archer PvP for a period of time as Helper and it's a big server so it's harder to get promoted and staff on but unfortunately it has died slowly over the weeks but also it was a toxic community hopefully I can get away from that environment on this server!

I was most recently staff on VapeHQ that sadly I did resign from due to the fact that the owner got so toxic, I couldn't handle it therefor my resignation but I did get some experience with screen sharing there because it was a practice server so I needed to be able to ss! I was Admin with OP perms so I was very high up in a low amount of time! I also used to hack around 2 years ago therefore my knowledge for hacking and coding is really good, I also know loads of punishment lengths so I should really be ahead and have a fighting chance! Also I dont just want to ban hackers I want to help them delete their clients! Also more than anything else I would love to help an amazing community! I also love the factions game mode in general therefor I know a lot about the type of game so I feel like I can help more people on a factions server because that's what I have experience with! I also really want to become staff because I just want to work and meet some great people again! Also it might not be in this question but my grammar is mostly correct in the chat and I always welcome new players because as I said before I want to keep the server a warm community and give anyone that joins a great experience!

Why should we choose you over other applicants: You should choose me over other applicants because I have all the staff tools on hand! Such as Gyazo, Discord, AnyDesk and much much more! Also I'm such a nice guy and I welcome anyone that joins no matter how good or bad, I also offer them tools such as how the server works and how to get started!

Have you been staff on any past servers: Yes I have see above most of them are in the Why do you want to be staff section but I was also notably staff on a big server Atomic Nations it had over 100 players at one point but I have sadly resigned now!

Have you ever been punished on MuxMC: No I have not!

What do you consider you greatest strength: I consider my greatest strength as possibly being bilingual therefor being able to talk to more people so I can be a bigger part in the community and not just speak English like the average person! Also I'm very good at Screen Sharing. If there are cheats on the computer I'm sure to find them!

What's your greatest weakness:To be honest I don't really have a big weakness I've had so much experience at this point that I can't do much more to be honest!

Do you have a possible staff member who could vouch for you: No I do not sadly.

Describe yourself in a brief summary: I'm a really nice guy that just loves helping people and I'm very conscientious and hard working I also try hard and try my best at anything or any opportunity I can get! Getting staff on Mux would be amazing!

Anything else: Not really just please contact me in discord if there are any other updates thank you!

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Mar 10, 2019
I find it very hard to read your application, you should highlight the questions in a different color then your answers. At the question ''Why do you want to be staff'', you should explain more, its good to know about the part where you've been staff on and that you want to help the community/ help hackers delete their client, but we need more information than that.

You can use Melvard's Application guide to help you out even more. -->


Feb 24, 2019
Hey, Kyle

I really like your application and feel like it has a lot of potential but it needs a little work. I agree with CeilingLight that you should make the questions a different color than the answer. I feel like you should also get more playtime and get to know the server and players more. Finally I feel like you should make your application a little more detailed and expand as much as possible. If you have any questions or need help with your application you can message me at NoHaxOnlyPotatos#2256 and have a nice day.