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Nov 22, 2018
The following rules were designed to keep the Forums as safe and friendly as possible to all users, please adhere by them to protect yourself and others around you from being punished or removed from the Forums, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the following rules, please contact a Senior Staff member.

1. Respect all users

All users deserve respect, including yourself, we believe the MuxMC Forums should be an environment that is available to all users, and no user should ever feel threatened, unsafe, or that this is not a friendly welcoming place for them, we strive to make sure nobody has a negative experience on our forums, and the only way we can do that is by enforcing these rules and for you as a user to follow these guidelines.

A. Do not discriminate against other users no matter what - banter is fine as long as it is welcomed.
B. Do not troll or purposely annoy or aggravate other users.
C. Do not spread personal information about other users.
D. Do not insult other users in any type of way.
E. Do not post links to other Forums, YouTube content that isn't related to MuxMC, servers or anything that could be taken as advertising other products, forums, services, etc.
F. Do not talk about self-harm or be excessively negative.
G. Do not spread rumors, witchhunt or spread false information about other players with the purpose to annoy, ruin their reputation, etc.
H. Do not encourage users to break any of these rules.

2. Thread Rules

All users have the option to create a thread, it's a forums, but please adhere by these guidelines when making, replying, or having anything to do with a thread.

A. Do not bump your thread if it's been less than 24 hours.
B. Do not trash other's threads (posting information that has nothing to do with the thread)
C. Do not spam replies on threads, or spam create threads.
D. Do not purposely create threads or post replies with the intent to boost your "likes" or "posts" score.
E. Do not attempt to trade in-game items for real-life money, all trade on the Forums are in-game items for in-game items.
F. Do not create or start pointless drama.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or believe we missed something, please let us know via a PM or shout us on our Discord.

If you have any concerns, please message a Senior Staff.

If you believe someone has broken these rules, please report them via the Forums or by messaging a Staff member.
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