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Nov 22, 2018
The following rules are in place to ensure a fair and playable environment. If you have a question regarding any specific rule, please contact a staff member for clarification.

The rules are updated periodically and sometimes without notice. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date with our rules.

The use of hacked clients, macros, or any modifications that give you a significant or unfair advantage over another player is not allowed. Modifications include using multiple mice, double clicking, triple clicking, using AFK alts for raid detection, etc. Actively and knowingly teaming with a hacker is also not allowed.
Knowingly using an exploit or a bug to gain a significant or unfair advantage over another player is not allowed. Map exploiting falls under this category.
Using any kind of trap which removes the ability to use commands or causes a player to be stuck indefinitely is not allowed. TP-Trapping for items is OK.
Boosting your stats/credits is not allowed. An example of this is killing an alt over and over for extra kills/credits.
Building structures deemed to be inappropriate or offensive is not allowed.
Naming items to something inappropriate or offensive is not allowed.
Having an inappropriate faction name or description is not allowed. .
You are free to logout once your /ct timer expires (even if someone is chasing you in a PvP fight). Logging out before your /ct timer expires will kill you once you re-log.

Posting the same/similar message, flooding the chat with random characters, or using excessive caps is not allowed.
Accusing someone of hacking/cheating is not allowed.
Finding ways to circumvent the filter is not allowed.
Any kind of message that contains derogatory remarks/abusive language/harassment/toxicity is not allowed.
Any kind of message that contains discrimination/racism/inferiority is not allowed.
Any kind of message which contains a threat is not allowed.
Impersonating a staff member is not allowed.
Revealing someone's sensitive or personal information is not allowed.
Arguing/causing a riot with a player or a staff member is not allowed.
Purposefully egging on someone is not allowed.
Spreading false or misleading information in an attempt to trick others is not allowed. Wasting a staff member's time by nagging him/her with irrelevant or meaningless questions falls under this category.
Using an inappropriate /nick name is not allowed. You will be asked to change it.
Posting irrelevant links that are not affiliated with the MuxMC community is not allowed.
Actively encouraging other players to join another server is not allowed.
Any transactions conducted outside of the MuxMC store are not allowed. Phishing falls under this category.
Using the OPChat or the report feature for improper reasons is not allowed.

Using an alt to bypass a ban or a mute is not allowed. If you are caught ban/mute evading through alts, your IP will be banned or muted until an appeal is submitted. If you have several alts logged in, you will need log them off. Failure to abide by this will also result in an IP ban or mute.
The alt limit per one IP is 75. Any more than that is not allowed.
Account sharing is allowed, but only at your own risk. We will not unban/unmute your account if there is evidence that a rule has been broken.
Forging or tampering with evidence in a report is not allowed.
Refusal to obey a staff member's instructions is not allowed. Acts of non-compliance include refusing to an SS (leaving during SS or while frozen), refusing to hand over in-game items (if obtained by unfair means), refusal to change nick, etc.
The use of automated scripts or programs for any reason is not allowed.

  • As of 4/20/19, the chat filter will no longer block profane language (with an exception to a few). We felt that policing a naturally toxic community would be pointless. With this being said, any messages containing derogatory remarks/abusiveness/harassment/slander/discrimination/racism/inferiority will still be punished accordingly.

  • The chat-related offenses are leniently enforced in /msg, faction and alliance chats; they are more strictly enforced in the public chat.
  • Different offenses and severities have different punishment durations. Your record could also influence how long your ban/mute will be. Each staff member uses judgement to determine if you were intentional in breaking a rule. All punishment durations are decided by the staff team and may vary between staff member.
Please continue to the Faction Rules section.
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Nov 22, 2018
Faction Rules

1. You may not inside (as explained above)
2. Your faction is only entitled to a 20 chunk buffer limit (as explained above)
3. Regen walls are not allowed.
4. Factions are limited to one corner & two allies.
5. The faction member limit is 75 (alts included)
6. You may not create alt factions to gain more F Top spots or store/house alts.
7. You may not mine your spawners while being raided.
8. Raid Detectors of any kind are not allowed.
9. Gap Bases are not allowed.
10. You are only allowed to merge factions within the first half of a season.
11. B*tch claiming is not allowed during Grace (a claim that can prevent other factions growth) - If you b*tch claim after grace, you must remove your b*tch claim after two days.
12. You may not hide or obstruct your spawners in a way that may prevent factions that are raiding you, (genning, watering, placing blocks around it, etc) to obtain your spawners.
13. Allies may not help you with raiding, but they may help you in defending from a raid.
14. If your main base is close to another main base of another faction, you must leave 30 chunks between your bases for raid claims.
15. You must have all of your spawners placed on the last week of the map and 24 hours before, and the day of, a payout, with 90% of your spawners being placed in a section of your main base, which your main base will be decided by /f home.
16. You may not store money with intention of buying Spawners last second of the map and placing them, this is in-fact, equivalent to hiding your spawners, and will get you disqualified, you may hold money, but not with the intent of buying spawners, if you have the intent of buying spawners with said money, you must spend it ASAP, this all applies to the last week of a Season.
17. You may not give other Factions wealth, this will result in severe punishment.
18. You may not gen or printer patch, you may gen patch after 15 minutes of the last cannon shot being shot at your base.
19. Breadcrumbs aren't allowed.
20. Raid claims can only be as large as the base they are raiding.
21. Factions are limited to 2 anti-raid claims (which are limited to countercannons on the side)
22. You are limited to two active non-raided bases, with which one may be a vault and your main base (read rule 15)

Cannoning Rules

1. Auto's are not allowed (including sand comps UNLESS under Y10) - as explained above.
2. You are only limited to one cannon per raid and one cannon box, with which has a limit of 20 walls
3. Cobble monsters are bannable.
4. Wall removers are not allowed.
5. Leeches on raids can result in consequences.
6. No left or right shooting.
7. Max cannon speed is 2 seconds per shot.
8. No Roof Cannons
9. No 2wall1shots
10. Max speed for 1stackers is 1 second.
11. Counter Cannon Claims are permitted 4 chunks outside of your 20 chunk buffer limit.
12. You may only have 1 counter cannon/one counter cannon allowed per side of the base. This would mean a corner base could have a maximum of two counters, and so on.

Punishments for breaking the rules listed above will be at the discretion of Staff and fluctuate depending on the severity of said rule being broken - but may follow the general pattern of:

- Faction Strike (1 - 2 Strikes)
- Lose % of F Top Value (via Spawner) (3-4 Strikes)
- F Unclaim (5 Strikes)
- F Disband (6 Strikes)

Ultimately, use common sense, you obviously cannot spread personal information regarding another player, post inappropriate links, attempt to bypass the filter or treat others in a manner that could be considered offensive or threatening.

MuxMC Staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without warning, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the in-game rules, but please note it is very unlikely that we do not announce a very major change to our rules that could result in players being banned, we try to cater and care for all of our players and would never change the rules in a way that could ban any user, without warning first.

MuxMC also reserve the right to take punishment against any account, at any time, without reason, by playing you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, including this condition that we uphold (to take punishment against your account if deemed necessary), but will always try to give our reasoning and explain why we may have taken action against your account.

Please adhere and follow these rules to avoid the warmongering ban-hammer waving MuxMC Staff.
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