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Nov 22, 2018
Staff members use judgement to determine if a rule was intentionally violated. They will consider the severity of the offense and punishment history when deciding the length of the punishment. If you feel that the duration of your punishment is unfair, please contact the staff member who issued it.

By playing on our server, you agree to abide by the following rules at all times. The rules are subject to change at any time under the discretion of the staff team. It is your responsibility to stay update-to-date with our rules.


(1) No blacklisted client or modifications
(2) No teaming or working with hackers
(3) No exploiting bugs or glitches in any way, shape or form (this include map exploiting)
(4) No trapping that causes a player to be stuck indefinitely
(5) No stat boosting
(6) No inappropriate or offensive nicknames, faction names, descriptions, item names
(7) No flooding the chat or use of excessive caps
(8) No filter bypassing
(9) No general rudeness, provocation or otherwise derogatory behavior
(10) No accusing others of hacking/cheating
(11) No offensive or racial slurs
(12) No discrimination
(13) No harassment or otherwise abusive behavior
(14) No threats or other malicious behavior
(15) No revealing sensitive or personal information
(16) No rioting
(17) No trolling, egging or otherwise misleading behavior
(18) No unsuitable or inappropriate conversations
(19) No external links of any kind
(20) No external advertisements/active encouragement of such
(21) No unauthorized transactions
(22) No abuse of the OP Chat system
(23) No abuse of the report system
(24) No mute/ban evasion
(25) No exceeding the alt limit, 3
(26) No forging or tampering with evidence
(27) No bots or automated scripts
(28) No arguing with staff members; their decisions are final
You are allowed to use swear and use curse words in the chat. You may not use them, however, against another person as that would violate rule #9. Please be sparing in the way you use these words!
In-game scamming for money or items is permitted. Trade with people you trust or use the trade command.
Although rule #6 forbids inappropriate and offensive naming, it does not portray to skins/usernames/capes. You are free to use whatever skin, username or cape you would like.
If there is reasonable suspicion that a player maybe using a blacklisted client or modification, our staff team reserves the right to call a screen-share. Refusal to conduct an SS, leaving during an SS, tampering with evidence, leaving while frozen, or any impediment in this process will result in an extended punishment.
Simply, any modification that does not give a player a significant or unfair advantage over another is permitted. If you are still unsure, please ask.
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Nov 22, 2018
Faction Rules

1. You may not inside
2. Your faction is only entitled to a 20 chunk buffer limit (as explained above)
3. Regen walls are not allowed.
4. Factions are limited to one corner & two allies.
5. The faction member limit is 75 (alts included)
6. You may not create alt factions to gain more F Top spots or store/house alts.
7. You may not mine your spawners while being raided.
8. Raid Detectors of any kind are not allowed.
9. Gap Bases are not allowed.
10. You are only allowed to merge factions within the first half of a season.
11. B*tch claiming is not allowed during Grace (a claim that can prevent other factions growth) - If you b*tch claim after grace, you must remove your b*tch claim after two days.
12. You may not hide or obstruct your spawners in a way that may prevent factions that are raiding you, (genning, watering, placing blocks around it, etc) to obtain your spawners.
13. Allies may not help you with raiding, but they may help you in defending from a raid.
14. If your main base is close to another main base of another faction, you must leave 30 chunks between your bases for raid claims.
15. You must have all of your spawners placed on the last week of the map and 24 hours before, and the day of, a payout, with 90% of your spawners being placed in a section of your main base, which your main base will be decided by /f home.
16. You may not store money with intention of buying Spawners last second of the map and placing them, this is in-fact, equivalent to hiding your spawners, and will get you disqualified, you may hold money, but not with the intent of buying spawners, if you have the intent of buying spawners with said money, you must spend it ASAP, this all applies to the last week of a Season.
17. You may not give other Factions wealth, this will result in severe punishment.
18. You may not gen or printer patch, you may gen patch after 15 minutes of the last cannon shot being shot at your base.
19. Breadcrumbs aren't allowed.
20. Raid claims can only be as large as the base they are raiding.
21. Factions are limited to 2 anti-raid claims (which are limited to countercannons on the side)
22. You are limited to two active non-raided bases, with which one may be a vault and your main base (read rule 15)

Cannoning Rules

1. Auto's are not allowed (including sand comps UNLESS under Y10) - as explained above.
2. You are only limited to one cannon per raid and one cannon box, with which has a limit of 20 walls
3. Cobble monsters are bannable.
4. Wall removers are not allowed.
5. Leeches on raids can result in consequences.
6. No left or right shooting.
7. Max cannon speed is 2 seconds per shot.
8. No Roof Cannons
9. No 2wall1shots
10. Max speed for 1stackers is 1 second.
11. Counter Cannon Claims are permitted 4 chunks outside of your 20 chunk buffer limit.
12. You may only have 1 counter cannon/one counter cannon allowed per side of the base. This would mean a corner base could have a maximum of two counters, and so on.

Punishments for breaking the rules listed above will be at the discretion of Staff and fluctuate depending on the severity of said rule being broken - but may follow the general pattern of:

- Faction Strike (1 - 2 Strikes)
- Lose % of F Top Value (via Spawner) (3-4 Strikes)
- F Unclaim (5 Strikes)
- F Disband (6 Strikes)

Ultimately, use common sense, you obviously cannot spread personal information regarding another player, post inappropriate links, attempt to bypass the filter or treat others in a manner that could be considered offensive or threatening.

MuxMC Staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without warning, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the in-game rules, but please note it is very unlikely that we do not announce a very major change to our rules that could result in players being banned, we try to cater and care for all of our players and would never change the rules in a way that could ban any user, without warning first.

MuxMC also reserve the right to take punishment against any account, at any time, without reason, by playing you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, including this condition that we uphold (to take punishment against your account if deemed necessary), but will always try to give our reasoning and explain why we may have taken action against your account.

Please adhere and follow these rules to avoid the warmongering ban-hammer waving MuxMC Staff.
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