Pending Ninjego's Staff application


New member
Aug 24, 2019
1. What is your IGN? My name is Ninjego.

2. What is your age? I'm 15 Years old.

3. What server are you applying to? Im applying to FactionWars

4. What is your timezone? My timezome is UTC + 1

5. Are you a donator? No im not a donator.

6. What is your Discord ID? My discord id is Ninjego#0267

7. How many hours a day can you dedicate to MuxMC on average? I think I can dedicate to the server like 4-6 Hours per day.

8. Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? Yes I talk Swedish and English.

9. How long have you played MuxMC? None, due to the server not being up at the moment. But I will try to play the most I can.

10. What do you think of MuxMC? I think I always strive to be positive in any situation. I try to help with arguments, that is how I would like to improve. I always want to be a helping hand to people and I would like to prevent drama on the server. I've noticed that it can be quite common in chats on servers. I would not /warn as soon as I hear about it. I would want to go over it and see what is happening. I will attempt to solve the problem and if it is still happening I will warn the culprit.

11. Why do you want to be Staff on MuxMC? Not only is it a step up on responsibility but the ability to help other players in need of support or knowledge with relative ease. I find joy in other players enjoying themselves, and I am always willing to give a hand and help another player in need to the best of my ability regardless if this is indeed a faction server. If promoted to this position not only will my life experiences, and knowledge of such a position will aid me as a helper in this amazing community. However, it also gives me the opportunity to help the network remain a fun and interactive community while providing my service to others, ensuring that every player here on the Oblivion Networks has that beacon of light they can approach. I am a passionate young individual who aspires to achieve many great things while impacting the lives of others. There is nothing more that makes me happier than seeing someone in happiness. Through seeing others relieved or even exultant makes all the stress worth it. I am enthusiastic towards helping others, and even if I am not capable or unsure in regards to an issue that may be occurring I will always find a solution to ensure that person is in a better state than they originally were!

12. Why should we choose you over other applicants? I do my job. This is a problem I've noticed in a few of other server, They don't do their job correctly. They'll joke around with warns, ban reasons, etc. I never did that when I was staff. I banned players when they needed to be banned. I warned when they needed to be warned, muted when they needed to be muted, so on and so forth. And I didn't make any exceptions. People didn't really like that I wasn't so lenient- but is being lenient what a helper should be? No.

I know what I'm doing. When I first became a helper on a server, I was having trouble knowing what to do. It took me probably two weeks to get into the hang of things- to know what punishments to give, how to use all the permissions (mostly on the forums), and more. Now, if I get accepted, I will know exactly what to do and get right back to my job. I know how to use all the multi-mods. I know how to do pretty much everything a helper is permitted to do on the forums and in-game. With a brand new helper being promoted, they won't know any of that and it'll take a little for them to adjust. I don't need to adjust.

I know A LOT about servers. This is a great quality to have in my opinion- maybe the most important one.

I can be active on every server. Any of MuxMC's servers I'm sure im going to have fun on at one point before- whether it be actually playing or just chatting.

I am a helpful and kind person. I've bee nbad sometimes but now I realised that being negative wasn't going to get me anywhere, and it wouldn't help MucMC or any server at all. Positivity is what helps the server. The span where I was being rude was not the real me.
When I'm on Factions, I'll always be very kind to the new members asking for help. Sometimes I'll just give them my extra things because they need it and I don't. I know this has nothing to do with applying for staff- but it shows that I am a helpful, kind, generous and caring person.

All in all, becoming a helper again would be amazing. I've missed being on a staff team for a while now, and I think it's about time I return.

13. Do you have any past Staff (or similar) experience on or off MC? No. Because MuxMC havent opend yet.

14. Have you ever been punished, no matter how small, on MuxMC? No I havent ever been Punished on MuxMC.

15. What do you consider your greatest strength (Feel free to list more than one)? My greatest Strength is I like to code. So I like to use commands in minecraft im in to the command things in Minecraft.

16. What do you consider your greatest weakness (Feel free to list more than one)? My weakness I think that I make a lot of jokes and some people take it the wrong way and idk if its my weakness but that is what I have to say.

17. Do you have a Staff member who could potentially vouch for you? (Not required) No, because I havent been on the server

18. Describe yourself to us in a brief summary. Im a 15 Year Old Boy just started the 9th grade in Sweden. Like to play Minecraft and Garry's Mod. I'm playing footboll and other things.

19. Is there anything else you would like us to know? No nothing at the moment.