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Nov 22, 2018
First, before I get into this, I'd like to introduce myself and the other person who'll be helping lead this project, Sandor, our Developer, I'd like to talk in general about our goals for MuxMC, who we are, and our past experience. Sandor and I have two very different jobs, but both tie together and are necessary, Sandor is our Developer, he is the one who is in charge of all bug fixes, system administration, coding and in general is behind the scenes, so not much needs to be said about him, his general experience is revolving around a noteworthy mention that is Kingdom, the other server on MuxMC, a 100-200 player Dutch server that he's owned and managed for years. I am the front-end lead, I am in charge generally, of most everything else on the Factions server, this means Staff Management, Community Management, Marketing Management, Events, YouTubers, Graphics, and everything else you could possibly think of that isn't back-end development related.

My Experience

Not necessarily just Minecraft, a lot of my experience comes from World of Warcraft private servers, specifically the two largest private servers that are still going on to this day I believe, Light's Hope & Elysium, both having over 30,000 members in their Discord and peaking at 15,000 players in-game, I was a Community Manager & Game Master for both servers, handling social media, Discord, Reddit, and in-game issues & handling announcements and other things of that sort, I was also the Lead Community Manager for Light's Hope for a short amount of time to buy snapchat score. I've done in general, a good amount of Minecraft Staff work, I've worked on ReactiveMC (now Minesuperior), REXCraftia, AstroMC, among others that are less noteworthy.

Mission Statement

Our goal for MuxMC is to be the pillar in the factions community that rises above the rest.

We believe that no other servers have a perfect balance between competition and comfort, it's either people play on a competition server, which is typically one month long and has a payout, bringing no real loyal players, and just attracting players that just want the money, these servers are typically flawed and full of bugs, and some of the best-played ones, aren't even that great, just more stable than the rest, then there's what we call "comfort" servers, servers that lack competition but are generally good servers that aren't full of bugs, but don't have the competition that competition servers have, we want to find the perfect balance between these two. How? We plan on perfecting our product, MuxMC is down currently for maintenance, as we are taking advantage of the downtime to perfect everything, this means Cannoning, Printer, eco, among other things, we refuse to settle for less. We're going to be running this like any large gaming company (Hi-Rez, Blizzard, etc) we will be down for maintenance until we can perfect our features, and then we will release a Closed Beta, inviting Faction Leaders and noteworthy individuals who we believe are perfect testers, and then releasing an open beta for everyone in our Community to test, find bugs, and give us feedback.
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