Staff Application - Discord Helper/Ingame

Aug 25, 2019
My name is Zachary Ambrose and I’m asking for your time to read this. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks. I have played Minecraft for over 5 years and am experienced in server. With running my own server a couple of years back I have also helped other with development and Tec support. my ign is theshavedeskimo and not only did I wake up at 4:30am Australian time to have a look at your server. I must admit I had a few troubles logging in but after I figured it out I spend my morning in the discord making new friends and helping those who needed it. Once in the server I continued to make allies really quickly with others in the discord like Charizard. They were a faction created by left over people in the discord and I believe they are going well from last I heard. I worked throughout mid day and when I got home instantly came in to continue to build my faction, fight for land and help others. I take pride in helping others, seeing someone say help or ask a question in chat I basically have to answer them otherwise I feel guilty. Although it was and still is a fight for corner claims I am currently now allies with an enemy that I used to be with. I do appreciate your time and I continued to be patient with the lag and troubles this morning but I understand from past experience it is very hard and I bet you weren’t expecting such a good result with all the people coming on. I stayed in the discord to help and my new friends and today I have spoken to many trainees and mods about rules I wasn’t sure about to make sure I follow everything. Again I appreciate your time and I could keep going but I hope this is enough for me to help your server in game and or on the discord. Appreciate it, thank you. have a good day.