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Apr 6, 2019
1. Like I stated above, my IGN is Marsh_Land.

2. Although I may see more mature (or not), I am actually 14 years of age.

3. I am in Pacific Standard Time (PST) and I live on the west coast of the USA.

4. I am not a donator, sadly. I would if I had the money, though.

5. My discord ID is very similar. It is Marsh#0409. I joined the MuxMC Discord server a few days ago.

5. (no.2) It depends on what day. Usually, I can be on 1-2 hours, sometimes less than 30 minutes. Sometimes I can be on for over 2 1/2 hours. It depends on the day. On average, I'd say an hour to an hour and a half.

6. No. I am planning on learning Spanish, though.

7. I haven't been playing MuxMC for very long. I'd say a bit over a week, possibly less.

8. I like this server. I found it when looking for a generic survival/factions server and I was intrigued by the name. "Mux" sounded very interesting. I like the style of play, especially the envoys. The player base is pretty friendly (from what I've seen). The staff are phenomenal and it is overall fun. I see myself coming back and back again to play.

9. My main reason is kind of stupid, but here it is: I'm bored, I want something to do, and this seems fun. Being staff is an interesting job, helping players, working on secret stuff, etc. I enjoy that. That is the reason I played on Minehut (This is not an advertisement) so often. You can create your own server and install your own plugins, and even hire your own staff. Also, I believe that I have some ideas that may benefit the server. I will not disclose them now, maybe later if I get accepted [insert wink emoji here].

10. Well, for one, I think I have a great personality (everyone who says otherwise is a liar [insert sarcastic tone here]). I can be on a bunch, so that is another reason. Like I said before, I have a lot of ideas to contribute. I mean, seriously. I will write a 10-page google doc and share it with you. Also, I cooperate well with other people, so there won't be arguments like gods_of_MC and Cloud9_ (Yes I am applying right after that incident).

11. I've never been staff on anything outside of MC. I'm 14. I don't get many opportunities. Inside MC, I've been staff on some private servers and some Minehut servers. I don't have any real-life staff experience or even in-game experience on a large server, but I think I will do fine without that.

12. I have not been punished here. Maybe I've been punished one small infraction for something or a chat warning that I forgot, but apart from that, the answer is no.

13. One of my greatest strengths, I would say, is my creativity. I may not be as intelligent or as hard-working as other staff members, but I sure do have a ton of ideas. I love doing that kind of stuff in my free time. I play D&D. In D&D, there are many aspects involving making things up on the spot. I usually DM my group and it requires patience and the ability to improvise since they usually decided to not follow what I planned.

14. One of my biggest weaknesses is the lack of experience. I've not been staff on too many servers, most of them not being real servers at that. I can try my best, but this may or may not be an issue in the early days of my staffhood (if I am accepted).

15. I think that Vastity may be able to vouch for me, in some way shape or form. Maybe Cloud9_ too for trying to break up their argument with gods_of_MC. Apart from that, I've seen most staff members and they have met me or at least seen me once or twice.

16. To sum me up, I am energetic and can come up with ideas for every situation. I may act immature sometimes (not too often though), even though I am mature most of the time. I enjoy creating and brainstorming things and I'd say I'm pretty smart. I am in a gifted program at my school. I enjoy reading and puzzles, and apart from Minecraft, that is what I do in my free time.

17. There is not much that you need to know that you do not know already. I would like to emphasize my main point: I have ideas. I have interesting ideas to improve this server, and I hope I can get accepted so some of these ideas can get implemented.

Thanks for reading this (kinda long) application. I hope I get accepted!



Edit: Corrected some grammar issues and fixed general formatting.
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Apr 2, 2019
I like the application. It is a little bit hard to read, due to the fact that your commas and grammar are not quite to par. I would suggest reading your application out loud to yourself. This will allow you to realize which mistakes you have made. If you would like some help on your application feel free to add me, and pm me, on discord @Simple#6621.