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Jul 16, 2019
1. What is your IGN?
2. What is your age?
3. What server are you applying to?
I am applying to Factions. If that's what you mean.

4. What is your timezone?
USA Central

5. Are you a donator?
I am not a donator sorry, but with staff I could help.

6. What is your Discord ID?
My parents don't want me on there because there are a lot of bad people out there.

7. How many hours a day can you dedicate to MuxMC on average?
For it being summer I do not know what my schedule holds. on Average maybe 2 hours a day if I'm lucky every day.
I am flexible so I can maybe do more.

8. Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?
I only speak English sorry.

9. How long have you played MuxMC?
I have no idea.

10. What do you think of MuxMC?
It is nice but there could be minigames. That would be awesome.

11. Why do you want to be Staff on MuxMC?
I want to be staff because I want the experience again. I have been staff before . It was amazing how nice people are to staff.
It would be nice to help people.

12. Why should we choose you over other applicants?
I am known to not give up on tasks. Plus I build robots at my school, and you have no idea how many problems i've had to overcome.

13. Do you have any past Staff (or similar) experience on or off MC?
I have been staff once before on a factions server. Yes I have experience. I caught hackers and people who x-ray.

14. Have you ever been punished, no matter how small, on MuxMC?
I never have been punished before on your server.

15. What do you consider your greatest strength (Feel free to list more than one)?
I never give up. I finish what I have started..
I am a great listener.
16. What do you consider your greatest weakness (Feel free to list more than one)?
I do my own thing sometimes.
17. Do you have a Staff member who could potentially vouch for you? (Not required)
18. Describe yourself to us in a brief summary.
I am from north America. I love to build and code robots. Computers are my thing. Ever since I was 9 I wanted to be an engineer or a computer scientist.
I can help out with many technical issues. My mom know so much with computers, but I still have to help her with problems. I would consider myself a nerd.

19. Is there anything else you would like us to know?
I have hacked before on other servers. But I promise from he deepest part of my heart I will not on here.
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Aug 17, 2019
Application Denied.

~You need to have discord
~Your application needs to have more detail
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