Denied Staff Application

Aug 21, 2019
1. What is your IGN?
2. What is your age?
I am 14

3. What server are you applying to?
I am applying to MuxMc Factions

4. What is your timezone?
My time zone is EST

5. Are you a donator?
No I am not a donator but I plan to be one in the near future

6. What is your Discord ID?
My Discord ID is Porky The Porcupine#2853

7. How many hours a day can you dedicate to MuxMC on average?
I could spend about 3-4 hours Per day

8. Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?
I can speak english and some french

9. How long have you played MuxMC?
I haven't played yet But I assume it will be a great and fun server. ;)

10. What do you think of MuxMC?
I find by just the discord staff and players it will be a nice and peaceful server.

11. Why do you want to be Staff on MuxMC?
I would like to be staff because I have always found my self wanting to help players and make the server a better place

12. Why should we choose you over other applicants?
You should chose me because I am a loyal and hard working staff member and I can be on if needed
For help.

13. Do you have any past Staff (or similar) experience on or off MC?
I have some I was staff on a dead server me and my friend made FactionsPvP.

14. Have you ever been punished, no matter how small, on MuxMC?
No I have not.

15. What do you consider your greatest strength (Feel free to list more than one)?
I consider my greatest strength is Probably Helping players and being polite to other played and also
Catching Exploiter, hackers.

16. What do you consider your greatest weakness (Feel free to list more than one)?
I would consider my greatest weakness is Finding a hacker, exploiter and no staff are there to help.

17. Do you have a Staff member who could potentially vouch for you? (Not required)
No I do not.

18. Describe yourself to us in a brief summary.
I am A hardworking person and would like to help out the server with becoming a better, Safer server and more fun

19. Is there anything else you would like us to know?
I don't have much more to say but Hope the server does well and hope to hear back soon.
Thanks for reading my application