Staff Member abusing his powers

Aug 26, 2019
So basically this staff member named SteffJonez muted me for being toxic(and it was totally deserved no issues with that) later on he unmuted me after like 2 hours or so(5 hour mute)
and said that he thinks i learned my lesson. later on i asked steff about the players are spawn standing still and standing in the same place(basically like 10 players would just stand in one spot and not move ) and i have seen this for hours that i was playing on the server so i asked steff about it, story short we started arguing about it(no insults were made by me) i was trying to have a mature conversation with him about this topic but he went on saying that i was being toxic and wasn't allowed to have argue with him(where clearly i wasn't being toxic)
couple of players reading chat backed me up saying that i had the freedom of speech and were questioning steff about what he say saying. When i told him i had the right to state my opinion without any kind of insults wasn't breaking the rules, he said that i should just keep my opinions to myself and be quite(very rude from a staff member). he threatened me that he would mute me if would like to. basically not to keep talking just watch the video you will understand everything. Provided by:Trainee(Mrmonkey).
Steff abused his powers of muting me for no reason at all and was acting like he owned the server. I really hope this gets dealt as soon as possible.
Alot of other staff members know abut this situation:Milan, Syriangod, Jon and of course Mrmonkey.
(here is the video proof so i dont have to explain exactly every single detail that has occurred, if you are not satisfied with the video evidence you can easily check logs)