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Nov 18, 2019
Don't know how many read this forum, but I'm gonna list some suggestion I think would optimize the server. Feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree with some of these things or if you think I missed anything.

Explosives as they are now do way too much damage, as far as I know this includes grenades, grenade launcher, and the RPG. Personally I have been 1 shot by a grenade while wearing a mix of protection 5 and 6, with 2 extra absorption hearts.

Talking of guns, apart from the ones I just talked about the rest of the guns are pretty much useless, even with protection 3 diamond armor none of the guns really do any damage, either buff guns or remove them completely.

MobCoins work fine, the only problem is the mobcoin store, the prices are not balanced what so ever, they are way too expensive compared to how long they take to accumulate.

-Custom Enchants
Right now only some custom enchants work, and some work to a certain extent. For example, the enchant "Wings" does not work at all, and the enchant "Cursed" also applies the slowness effect to your faction members. The way you obtain custom enchants could also be optimized, currently, when you buy an enchant it always has 100% success rate and 0% destroy rate, this should be randomized so an enchant could, for example, get 67% success rate and 41% destroy rate, this would mean in case it didn't get applied with the 67% chance there would be an additional 41% chance that the enchant would destroy the armor piece.

There is barely any active staff online on the server, the only staff active on the server for the most time is Thian, Sammy, and sometimes game. Even when going to the discord and opening a ticket it sometimes takes hours to get a response. When you have a problem and need help it is really annoying when there is no active staff to help you out.

-Portal "Glitching"
I know this isn't a glitch but a game feature, but its a really stupid way of raiding and should not be allowed and fixed. In case you don't know what it is, to briefly explain it you make a portal in the nether and when you go through it will generate a portal inside the base.

-Map Size
Currently, the overworld map is 10000x10000, this is way too big for how many factions and players are on the server, a better size would be 5000x5000 and disable the nether, this would also fix the Portal "Glitching"

When you are in the warzone you can't really use anything, what I mean by this is if you try to use a bow while aiming at a block in warzone it will tell you that you cant use bow in warzone, this is the same for splash pots and other things as well.

-Combat Tag
When combat tagged the only things you are prevented from doing are logging off and tping, you can still use commands such as /feed, /heal, /fix, /pv, and /echest. You should not be able to do any of these commands when in combat, it gives an unfair advantage and makes you able to put away all your good stuff if you are about to die.