Texty's Staff Application

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Apr 26, 2019
1. What is your IGN?

2. What is your age?
13 years old almost 14 years old. (becoming 14 years old on 2 July)

3. What is your timezone?
CEST (Europe timezone)

4. Are you a donator?
I am not a donator.

5. What is your Discord ID?

5. How many hours a day can you dedicate to MuxMC on average?
In a day i could probably be 1 or 1.5 hours (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Here is why; I have school and i really need to focus on that too, and i have sport every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Tuesday: 1 and a half hour
Wednesday: 1 hour
Friday: 1and a half hour
I will always try to get online when most people play because there is more chance that players break the rules

6. Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?
I speak Dutch fluently, English fluently and Maltese.
Dutch, because i live in the Netherlands, English because my parents talk at home in English and at last Maltese, i understand Maltese very good because my mom was born in Malta.

7. How long have you played MuxMC?
I have played MuxMC for such a long time probably 1 year, i mostly play kingdom but i like factions very much. MuxMC is the only server i play on because i love the community itself.

8. What do you think of MuxMC?
I really like the community but i see things that could be better, for instance, there are unnecessary glitches, Once i killed someone at spawn i dont know how but i hit him for the fun and he died.
I like the community because i feel home in the players in MuxMC and i really want to help the people from MuxMC.

9. Why do you want to be Staff on MuxMC?
As i said i really like the people in MuxMC, but i think i can improve the server because i have experience in being staff and being really calm in any cases. And i really know how to deal with any commands, and at last, i really like to help people and that's why i think i will put many effort into helping people on the server.
My goals are;
1. I want to make the server bigger (more players that play on MuxMC factions and MuxMC itself
2. I want to improve my helping skills.

10. Why should we choose you over other applicants?
Because my passion is i really love to help people and i know what i do in cases, and i now how to work with commands.
In cases, i stay really calm to investigate the whole scene before i take action. And i almost play every day on the server!

11. Do you have any past Staff (or similar) experience on or off MC?
I was an admin on a server that doesn't exist anymore we had like 50 people on the server. I really liked it there. But the owner didn't want to continue with the server so he stopped. I was staff on MuxMC kingdom. I really liked it there and i could help many people.

12. Have you ever been punished, no matter how small, on MuxMC?
On factions, i never did no, but on kingdom some things i can't remember anymore. Probably because I attacked without war once. But mostly i never break rules.

13. What do you consider your greatest strength (Feel free to list more than one)?
1 I love to help people, it could help a lot because if you like/love to help people you will put more effort into the case.
2 I am really calm at all cases, it could help the server a lot because everyone can investigate better if your calm.

14. What do you consider your greatest weakness (Feel free to list more than one)?
1 Sometimes i am not able to be online because of school and other things as a sport.
2 Sometimes I want to do things on my own. But I can't.

15. Do you have a Staff member who could potentially vouch for you? (Not required)
No, i have not.
16. Describe yourself to us in a brief summary.
I am a calm guy that really loves to help people, and is prepared to do that. I know mostly all commands and how to work with them. And i know my weaknesses and strength's good and I know how to work with them.

17. Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Not really

Thanks for reading

Please leave your opinion about my application!
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Feb 23, 2019
I think you made an ok application but you lacked in adding detail and extending your reasons of why you should be staff, maybe think of improving it
Feb 24, 2019
Hey Texty,

I really like your application and feel like it has a lot of potential but there’s a few things I feel needs to be changed. First of all I feel like you should add a lot more detail because that is one of the most important things in an application, try to explain everything as much as you can. Secondly I see a few grammatical errors in there so you should fix those, i suggest using Grammarly to do this. Lastly on your strengths and weaknesses I suggest focusing on only 2-3 of each and explain how this will help the server. If you have any questions or need help with your application please message me on discord @ NoHaxOnlyPotatos#2256

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