Denied ThatManPerson's staff application!

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Aug 19, 2019
1.What is your ING?
My ING is: ThatManPerson

2.What is your age?
My current age is 17 im about to turn 18

3. What server are you applying to?
Faction wars on MuxMC

4. What is your timezone?
GMT+1 (Amsterdam/Netherlands)

5.Are you a donator?
I bought Tier 5 and /nick on the factionwars server and ELITE rank on kingdom server

6.What is your Discord ID?
My discord ID is: Flowless#0403.

7.How many hours a day can you dedicate to MuxMC on average?
I can play around 6-7 hours a day on MuxMC accept if i go on facation or if i need to work

8. are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?
Yes, i speak fluent dutch and english, and a littlebit of German (base level)

9. How long have you played MuxMC?
I have played around 4 weeks on MuxMC kingdom server

10.What do you think of MuxMC?
I thinks its a very nice server becouse when pepole have problems they always get helped quik and with a very nice response like, hey can you send me a screenshot so i can help you with your problem? Or, can you send me your discord ID and screenshare so i can help you? And i think thats the right way to approach pepole. The staff is very friendly and helpful if i ever had a quistion it got solved in about 8 min, they Always ask to describe your problem/issue as clear as possible. They alwyas act really professional and keep their word when they say that they will come back on you. The staff on MuxMC can work under alot off stress and I think this server has the best staff members out there becouse on other servers you do not always get the help your looking for and the staff is not always that friendly/helpful. And i also have seen the trailer... it whas awesome!! It made me wanted to play on it immediateley. I have played on MuxMc kingdom and it was great, the players where really nice and the map was really big... the rules where clear and the plugins work really good, i love the wands! Overall i liked helping the comunnity while i wasen't even an admin and i really enjoyed it. This server gets a big 10+ from me!!! <3

11.Why do you want to be staff on MucMC?
I would like to be a staff member because i like playing on a server but helping pepole is just more fun! the comunnity and the pepole on this server are just treuly amazing becouse they Always make me laugh or want to help me alot so thats why this server is so good!! I have been roaming true the forums and pepole are really nice to eachother they all want to help and share groups and invite pepole. The server has a good base (easy to understand how it all works and the commands are the same on every server so its nothing weird and if you just read the rules you will not have any chance of getting punnished) I know how it is to look true a staff's eyes its really hard sometimes becouse you get overwelmed with quistions and random messanges, i am a nice guy and i helped a lot on other servers like, saicopvp, foxcraft, invadedlands, and on mineville. I love playing mc and i really wanted to become staff on MuxMC. That's why i wrote this application. I also have alot of experience with being a staff becouse i have been staff on so many servers... I really would like to help you guys and help MuxMC becouse i am treuly a nice guy and a nice admin and i Always give everyone the same rights. Its hard being a staff but its also fun becouse you can help pepole and make them have a great palying experience.

12.Why should we chose you over other applicants?
I can be online on everyday 24/7 of the week. I know how to be a good staff, becouse i was staff on many other servers and i know all the commands to use in case of need (like when there is alot of lagg or when there is a hacker). Im Always alert becouse i always read everything said in chat and i am never AFK when im in the server and i know my place as a staff (im not pretending like im better then everyone im just the same person as them). I am popular with the staff rules/way of being (execute the right commands at the right time, saying the best opening sentances, clearing the lagg when needed) I can help pepole at the same time (multitask) and i can keep the server lagg free and the chat calm (i also am very strict on swearing becouse i like servers being family friendly).

13.Do you have any past staff (or similar) experience on or off MC?
I have been staff on these servers: Saicopvp i was an trail mod and i used to help pepole with their faction poblems, Foxcraft i was Staff+ i was a hacker catcher so i banned almost over 120 hackers, Mineville Mod i was a normal mod and i needed to keep the server calm and help pepole with problems, Invadedlands i was an Admin and i needed to watch reports and reply to ban appeals and i needed to catch out hackers and watch the server so it doesnt lagg to much. (all on minecraft) i have hosted my own server on MC (meenj1),ARK (thebroderen),RUST (luresame) those servers where all really popular with alot of pepole so i was Buzzy all the time... So yes, i do have staff experience.

14.Have you ever been punished on MuxMC
I did never got punished on the MuxMC network :)

15.What do you consider your greatest strength (feel free to list more then one)?
I always give the best i got becouse i want to accieve my goals and reach the happiest smile i can get. I never give up becouse giving up is for pepole who where not build for the job, and becouse i never want to tell someone i cant help them and they will be stuck with the same problem. I can work great with other pepole and make a laugh with them, i alwas consult with pepole what the right way is. Or in a team becouse i listen to other pepole and i Always decide with my team/group before making any decisions (accept when im not in a groups like pepole send me personal quistions) When i have any quistions i'm not afraid to ask them so i Always know what to do and i can Always learn more and learn how to be a better staff.

16.What do you consider your greatest weakness (feel free to list more then one)?
Sometimes i need to let out my dog, or i need to go to work. Thats about it.

17.Do you have a Staff member who could potentially vouch for you? (Not required)
To bad i do not :C

18.Describe yourself to us in a brief summary.
My name is Meen Jansen and im 17 years old and i come from Amsterdam (Netherlands). I came in thouch with the english language when i was just 5 true video games. I learned different langages true video games and social media and talking on the mic and just trying my best. I like being outside with friends and hanging out with my dog. I'm a very creative person, i like to paint and draw thats why i did art classes. I like to help pepole in the daily life, like i wash their cars or i clean their hallway for some money. I also work in a store (Albert Heijn) its really fun there and i make good earnings. 3 Months ago i finished my study for WildLife on the GroeneWelle Zwolle. I am a very nice person to be around becouse im Always happy and friendly and im always up for a laugh xD! and i am always very kind and i give everyone the same nice response no matter if they are a jerk i keep my professional voice up. I help pepole where i can and im very friendly in the community becouse i think everyone should have a smile on their face.

I hope my application will get accepted and has enough detail now. i wish i can get the chance to have an interview.

PS: Feel free to tell me again to add more detail, i really would like to get a chance!
PPS: I also know how long i should ban pepole in case they fiolate the rules of MuxMC.

Kind Regards,
Meen Jansen
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